Our professional, Simulator Assessment Preparation Sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing your simulator check and getting the job. Our preparation sessions have been created to be as close to the real assessment as possible with previous client feedback.

Simulator Fleet

Simulator Specifications

Simulator Info


Burgess Hill or Gatwick


All Emergency Scenarios

Max People

Three - Captain & Co-Pilot + 1 Observer

Your Time Counts

CAA approved and Level D certified

Guided by

Panel Operator, Captain, TRI, TRE


Ultra-Realistic scenery, Full-Motion

Last Minute Bookings



Level D Certified


Panel Operator

Panel Operators are current type rated airline pilots, usually first officers running the simulator panel and putting you through the profile for the chosen airline, They are able to offer you guidance on the aircraft but you must be aware that they are not trainers.



Captains, speak for themselves, they’ve earned the right to sit in the left and seat through hard work, knowledge, and experience. Most of our captains are in line to become trainers for their airline or through self-funded routes because they enjoy it so much.



Our TRI’s have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise often with decades of flying experience and Tens of Thousands of hours behind them. Available on all fleets of aircraft, our TRI’s will set you at ease with your airline assessment.



We normally use TRE’s for License requirement simulator sessions and TRI’s for the majority of our Airline Preparation sessions although out TRE’s love to help anyone and the option is still there for anyone wishing to fly with them.

Simulator preparation


Full Motion Minimum Booking & Prices

A320 - Full Motion

Min Booking: 2hrs
Starting from only £525/hr – £700/hr

A320 - Flat Panel Trainer

FTP Min Booking: 2hrs
Starting from only £220/hr – £350/hr

A330 - Full Motion

Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £625/hr – £750/hr

B737 Classic - Full Motion

Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £525/hr – £600/hr

B737NG - Full Motion

Min Booking: 2hrs
Starting from only £525/hr – £700/hr

B747 - Full Motion

Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £700/hr – £750/hr


Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £700/hr – £750/hr

Embraer 135/145

Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £700/hr – £750/hr

Embraer 190

Min Booking: 4hrs
Starting from only £700/hr – £750/hr

Fixed Base Simulator Training

Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation on fixed base simulators. Together Aviation Insider and pmFlight have come up with a package that offers a unique opportunity to help you gain the best possible training and experience.

PmFlight helps you to gain confidence and prepare for your airline simulator assessment in the 737 Flight Simulator and Airbus Flight simulator at their training site in Redhill, near Gatwick, London.

pmFlight has been running simulator assessment sessions that can provide a cost-effective way of preparing for your assessment. All instructors have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

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